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    Tent Rental

    Vending Site Electrical Requirements

    Note: Electricity is extremely limited!

    Self-Contained Vending Vehicle - Fairgrounds:

    List of Additional Electrical Needs at Vending Site - Fairgrounds

    In addition to vending vehicles, list each electrical connection needed, along with amps and volts. Include fans, cash registers, night lighting, extension cords, etc. These items will be listed on the contract and may not be changed without prior approval of Fair Management. 

    Appliance (No ice machines allowed)



    Arrival at Fairgrounds

    All property belonging to concessionaires must be removed by 5:00 P.M. on July 5.

    Parking and Insurance Information

    Attach Photos

    Requests for overnight parking MUST be accompanied by a photo with license plate number of each vehicle for each overnight space needed!

    Overnight Parking Fees are due with signed contract.  

    Use the "Attach" button to add the photos to this form.

      Location A Overnight Parking

      Vans, storage trucks, pickup trucks, self-contained campers or RVs parked overnight in the dirt lot behind the Exhibit Hall parking lot. No electrical service, water, sewage provided.

      License Number

      Vehicle Length

      Location B Overnight Parking

      Vehicles needing electrical service - refrigerator trucks, food storage vehicles, and stock trucks or vehicles will have precedence for parking in Location B.

      Please complete information below for all vehicles that require parking and electrical service. Service will be limited to each vendor in accordance with electrical service available. Vendor will be advised pre-Fair regarding assigned space and electrical service available. All gray waste or sewage must be self-contained and is not allowed to be dumped at or on the Fairgrounds.

      Refrigerator and/or Stock Truck - Electrical Service Requested

      Other Vehicle - Electrical Service Requested

      Space and electrical service limited according to availability.

      Stock Truck - No Electrical Services Requested

      General Liability Insurance

      INSURANCE: Unless you want us to process your insurance cert, we must receive the insurance cert, with endorsement page, naming the County of Marin & The Marin Center at least 2 months prior to the Fair.

      * Please select one:

      INSURANCE: Unless you are purchasing through us, we must receive the insurance cert, with endorsement page, naming the County of Marin & The Marin Center 1 month prior to the Fair.* Please select one:

      INSURANCE: Unless you want us to process your insurance cert, we must receive the insurance cert, with

      Fee instructions included with acceptance letter

      Workers' Compensation

      * Will you have employees (on payroll vs contracted) working at the Fair?

      A copy of your Workers' Compensation Insurance must be returned with a signed contract.


      Your proposed menu must include size of portion for each item and prices need to include sales tax. Fair retains the sales tax and remits it to the State Board of Equalization for all food concessions. If you choose to attach a separate menu page to this application it MUST include the size of the portion and MUST include prices.

      Use the "Attach" button to add menu pages to this form.

        ITEM *



        Healthy Food Choice Menu Item

        All vendors are required to have at least one Healthy Food choice but please list more choices if you have them. Healthy Food choices are subject to approval from our Health Initiative Coordinator. Vendors will not be allowed to open for business without an approved healthy food choice. Water is not considered a healthy food item.

        Nutrition Facts: Fill in the chart below or provide a copy of nutrition facts from food packaging.

        Use the "Attach" button to add a copy of nutrition facts to this form.

          Credit Card Machines

          Each vendor is REQUIRED to accept credit and debit cards as form of payment. Vendors must supply their own machines. Please note credit/debit sales are deposited directly into your bank accounts. These sales must be input into your cash registers as credit card sales. These sales will be reconciled as part of your gross sales at the end of the fair.

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